Saturday, September 5, 2009

These crazy, lazy days won't last for long...

So I start my internship on Tuesday. I'm so excited! But lately I'm realizing that hey-life's not gonna be as easy peasy as it's been for the last few weeks. The internship will consume about 30-35 hours of my week, and I still have to find a job to squeeze in there somehow. And, I'm not gonna lie: I haven't been as aggressive about finding one as I should be. Am I the only one who finds filling out monotonous paper work about past jobs utterly dull? Anywho, I suppose it'll have to be done sometime. Might as well do it before I start running out of funds. I've picked up probably 12 applications so far, and that's pretty good, right? Well...then there's the fact that I've only completed and dropped off about 3 of those 12...but it's only because I made the silly mistake of turning in my "master" copies of my past employment history. Names, addresses, phone numbers and the like. I didn't bother to keep a spare copy of that precious now I'll have to start from scratch. Sigh. Doesn't sound too terribly difficult, you're probably thinking. But hey, I suppose I'm a lazy simpleton because I find that a day filled with watching random movies and snacking much more fulfilling. I suppose it's a good thing that this lazy life of mine will end in a couple days! I'm really hoping to find a job in the next couple of weeks...before I get way too comfortable without one.

I miss my parents so much! I had the opportunity to go home with my sisters this week to see them, so that was really special. But it felt so weird to pack up a bag to go home! Crazy. And I miss my puppies exceedingly. Sometimes it's all I can do to just take a big ol' deep breath and remember that this is just a new season of life, and God has his hand on me. And in the meantime, my host family has been wonderful to me. I have a huge, awesome room-with GREEN walls, I might add, a closet big enough for all my shoes and clothes, 3 dressers, and a keyboard! And finding my way around busy Spokane Valley hasn't been nearly as frightening as I expected. But I have my new friend Geraldine to thank for that. She's my GPS, and a big part of my new life here. I sort of have the worst sense of direction known to man, so I thought I'd invest in a little something, er-someone to help me get around. I just punch in where I want to go, and then I'm off! It's great.

I can't wait to begin my Bible courses through Global University. Hopefully I'll speed right through them and get certified, and then start on the classes required to be licensed. I'll definitely be kept busy for these next 9 months, that's for certain. So I guess I'll enjoy the last 2 days of my laziness before the roller coaster ride starts! Here I go!