Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week 2 On My Own

Well, so far I have survived, barely, of being on my own for 2 weeks now. I guess having 2 of my sisters so close by probably helps a little :)
There have been tears every time I hear dad's voice, and saying goodbye to mom concluding our daily phone calls. However, I am adjusting well to my "new" life out of the nest. I am looking forward to this adventure into adulthood.
Stay tuned....for more ponders of a redhead wonder...


  1. Cute blog! What amazing sister DID this for you? :) Love you! Oh, shoot! You're sitting right next to me reading this, better go!

  2. How's my favorite red head? The blog looks great! Keep it up! (this is from mommy....:)

  3. Missing you, and hoping you're feeling much better today. I'm watching for some new posts from you. Meanwhile, needing your help on my blog! :)